Thursday, November 3, 2016

Mee Mee – Joy of Parenting

The consumer of today are vigilant when it comes to baby care. They are ready to devote their time and effort to buy the best for their babies. This shift in consumer behaviour resulted in a surge of companies in the baby care segment. J & J was the undisputed leader in the baby care segment for years. Of late mothers and expecting mothers started thoughtful about their figure and subsequently product search also increased.

Retail giant Me n Moms launched its Mee Mee range of mother and baby care products in 2006. Since its inception, Mee Mee has been the pioneer of several trends in the parenting segment to ensure that more and more Indian mothers and their babies can experience the Joy of Parenting. They have the whole array of baby care products which includes Baby Bath time, Baby Bed Time, Baby Care, Baby Dress Up Time, Baby Play Time, Furniture & Travel, Nursing & Feeding. Thus it caters to the different occasions of the baby’s life (read mostly daily life). These products are also segmented based on demography i.e. age. Mee Mee products are available for age group 0 – 7 years which is different from competition. Yet another segment they cater to is the mother care viz. For Moms.

The inflection point to me is that no brand delivers this variety in baby care and mother care segment. Even though Mee Mee tells it is a premium offering, the pricing is par with competition. Recently  Himalaya launched "Himalaya for Moms" but the product range never matches with Mee Mee.

Since the baby and mother care segment is growing multi- fold, coupled with the absence of entry barriers more new players may follow the path of Mee Mee and try to catch a pie of the segment.

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