Friday, December 2, 2016

Cadbury ‘fuse’ – Fusion of Tastes and Textures

The chocolates available in India are largely of two categories: Countline and tablets. Both the spaces have witnessed taut competition over the years. The impulse countline market is nine times higher than tablet market. Cadbury Dairy Milk is the undeniable leader in the tablet space. Moreover, Mondelez International, the parent company of Cadbury owns the illustrious brands in the countline category like 5 Star, Perk etc.

As the consumer in our day is attracted towards premium products, Cadbury also thought of giving a try. The first premium offering came by the way of Cadbury Silk premium tablets. The positioning of the brand was ‘FOR US’. Following the success of the same, they launched Cadbury Celebration which also tasted success.  The other category countline is dominated by Snickers. Thanks to the Indian diaspora who democratised Snickers in India. Snickers was positioned as a ‘hunger – satisfier’ and energy source was well accepted across the country.

Cadbury very recently launched their premium version in countline category i.e. ‘Cadbury Fuse’. Unlike Snickers, Fuse positions itself as a ‘For Me’ product. Since it is a premium product the segment is not the habitual ones but of a higher class. The product is also priced a bit higher than competition. A 15gm of Fuse costs Rs. 15 while a 45 gram costs Rs. 35. Company tries to differentiate the product through its taste. Fuse is a fusion of crunchy peanuts, smooth caramel with a creamy centre, all coated in rich Cadbury milk chocolate.  As the consumer indulgence as well as individualistic consumption has increased, the market for this category is seen to rise.

The initial launch was done via Snapdeal, before it reached the retail outlets. Even though, the premium countline space is not cluttered I am doubtful whether Cadbury can repeat the success of Cadbury Silk. To woo the customers they have planned for a 360 degree promotion. The TVC has been released recently which matches with the positioning statement.

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