Monday, March 27, 2017

Banjara’s – Silent but Audible

It is noted that successful brands usually are loud and visible. Be it an MNC company or a home grown company this happens to be an unwritten norm. The companies try out multiple ways to reach out to the customer and stay relevant in the competition. But brand Banjara’s is an exception.  To me it is a brand which discerned the hush means of winning hearts. Vishal Personal Care Pvt. Ltd., a twenty year old company own this promising brand.

Vishal Personal Care at first launched a line of herbal powders in the brand name Banjara’s way back in 1993. Even though the market was not so fascinated with their powders they were able to develop an Ayurveda/ herbal association. There existed a niche market which helped them stay in business for more than a decade. But, the changed conditions forced Banjara’s to grow beyond herbal powders and thus the brand progressed to personal care segment.

In India Ayurveda is now a hot industry. MNC giants like HUL, Colgate – Palmolive to Indian players like Dabur, Patanjali are in the race to gain market share. Entry to such a market is in fact a risky affair. But Banjara’s are slowly matching to the completion through some carefully crafted marketing.

Banjara’s follow a range branding strategy, providing hair oils, herbal hair colours, skin creams, face wash and face packs under the Banjara’s brand. The unique aspect of the brand to me is that they tried to give a different message by withdrawing fairness creams after the initial launch. Brand was audacious to say that beauty is not in skin colour.  

The tipping point to me is pricing of the product. The brand is sold at affordable prices and that’s also the unique selling proposition used by the company. The brand is available in all retail chains as well as online portals like Flipkart, Amazon, Shopclues etc.

A prominent player in South India, Banjar’s recently forayed into other parts of the country. What strategy company adopt will be quite interesting. But for sure they are very silent but extremely audible in the personal care market in India.

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