Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cadbury Celebrations - 'Is Tyohaar Diwali Khushiyan Le Chalo'

Chocolate is always an on the go stuff for all. Indians usually have chocolates and were not brand conscious too. But over the years, due to various cross cultural interactions, Indians also started giving chocolates for their personal accomplishments. This was at times connected with the life style of the people also. Brand Cadbury democratized the use of chocolates in India. The carefully analyzed the importance of sweets for Indians specifically during festivals. For instance, during Diwali making and exchanging sweets is a common ritual among people. Indians, indeed distribute sweets on occurrence of important life events like having a baby, starting a new venture etc. Cadbury was successful in altering the consumer behaviour by way of occasion segmentation and targeting. They made the people consider an alternative for sweets as it is laborious(if you make)  as well as costly. All their TV commercials were intended to do this behavioural change and in a way they have succeeded in the same.
Cadbury Celebrations is a range of chocolates specifically designed for gifting. Even though occasion segmentation is primarily used one has to say that it is a mix of two segments occasion as well as lifestyle. Distributing sweets is a ritual which tends to contribute a life style. 

The new TVC of Cadbury Celebrations  'Is Tyohaar Diwali Khushiyan Le Chalo', the company emphasizes the importance of Cadbury during Diwali. The TVC also touches the emotions which makes it more close to the consumer heart.

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