Saturday, October 1, 2016

Coca - Cola Master brand/ One Brand Strategy

Any brand, even though it is popular can't escape from one reality i.e. ageing. Some respond very fast while others fail. Coca - Cola a highly sought after brand with an energizing legacy also fell into this trap. The response rather put everyone in a surprise. 

Few months backs Coca Cola went for a global re - branding by switching to a umbrella branding strategy a.k.a Master branding/ One branding strategy. All the earlier sub brands Coke Zero, Coke Diet, Coke Life will join the usual Coke as a single brand. The Red disc enjoys the centre stage of bottles/cans and the lids/ caps will have different colour for each variant.The idea is good as coke can well market the product to their target. Coke segmented as a life style product(taste is an obvious distinction) now have four variants each addressing different life style. 

But what I feel is that the success of the strategy is uncertain. One major reason is that all the sub brands of the past are now just variants of Coke. By doing this the brand personality is lost. It may diminish brand visibility as consumers over a period of time will feel comfortable with all the variants. So the whole investments for variants may end up in vain. 

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