Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Raymond White - What is in a Colour?

Raymond, the largest fabric retailer of India recently launched a new range of fabric 'Raymond Whites'. Colour white is usually a formal stuff when it comes to men's apparels. In fact, the term white collar attribute to an affluent, top level executive who is always seen in a formal attire. Traditionally people wear white on important occasions in their life like for a job interview or for a crucial board meeting. The black trouser and white shirt is thus symbolic of authority.

But, the concept of formal offices and meetings are diminishing day by day and dress codes are not at all mandatory. So the importance of white may fade in due course of time, even though white is liked by all in their wardrobes. I feel Raymonds is quick in understanding the reality and started educating consumers on the importance of white in various occasions. The new digital campaign for ' Raymond Whites' is a carefully crafted story to change the perception of the target.
The target audience as explained by the company is male, 25 years and above, SEC A and A+. 

The visuals of the commercials are pretty interesting.  The character of the commercial itself is a misfit, considering it a formal outlook(Read it deviates from the traditional, groomed formal manager of the yesteryear). Raymonds finds other uses for white shirt and tells consumers that white is for formals as well as casuals, thus making it a all occasion product. So a product earlier segmented mainly on psychographic as well as behavioural segmentation is now rely on lifestyle as well as income segmentation.
My take is that Raymonds was swift in responding to consumer behaviour changes

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