Monday, October 17, 2016

TVS Jupiter - Manly

Scooters in the last few years have converted pillions to drivers. Thanks to the gear less technology and self starters. Scooters gives us a freedom to enjoy driving. Famous Author Santhosh Desai, in his book 'Mother Pious Lady: Making Sense of Everyday India' related it with liberation. Scooters are considered to give liberation to the woman of today and it has been a symbol of freedom. The pioneers in the industry Honda is having more female riders for its Honda Activa than male riders.

TVS Jupiter is the first brand which declared that it is for man riders(even though Activa is promoted as Unisex). The segment is pretty clear from this declaration. The positioning is all about utility. The tag line ' Zyada Ki Fayda' well addresses to this positioning. To come up with a product a clear understanding of the segment is required. What type of men are targeted? A value - conscious man. As quoted by Dheeraj Sinha in his book 'India Reloaded', he expects 'more for less'. Why he is value conscious? To give more to his family. More space, more storage to keep not only helmets but also vegetables, more comfort, wider seats etc.  

The TV Commercials of TVS Jupiter were all clear and straight. But the new commercial reveals the true Indian. From the child hood itself he always try to get more than other. Whether it is Rasna or Cake I want more. So the instinct to evaluate what is extra is there in everyone. The commercial which have Amitab Bachan as the Protagonist explains this phenomenon in all walks of life and connect it with the product. The campaign confidently calls for consumers to come and evaluate for themselves how TVS Jupiter truly gives Zyada ka Fayda. A simple but a nice and straight commercial.


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