Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Himalaya For Moms - #BecauseYouNeedTakingCareOfToo

Being a mother is the most cherished life event of any woman. Post - natal life is so busy that mother  cares for the baby than herself. Traditionally, post - natal care has been taken seriously in India. But over the years due to the emergence of nuclear families coupled with busy professional life the priority for lengthier post - natal treatment is diminishing. This change in consumer preference acted as an opportunity for Himalaya Drug Company, the biggest homegrown wellness company to launch new range of products in the mother care segment. This segment which is comparatively niche was not touched by any of their competitors. 

Himalaya was always amazing when it comes to finding segments. When they noticed a shift in consumer behaviour(read life style) towards  an Ayurveda alternative for  personal care they where swift to come with Himalaya range of herbal products. In fact, it was their major segment catering to. Later, they concentrated on a high growth segment i.e. baby care segment in which  J & J was the market leader or a near monopoly. The entered as a challenger in the segment and quickly grabbed a sizeable market share from J & J.

 Mother care segment is their third segment which they have entered into. The range cater to specific requirements of pre and post-natal mother care such as dry skin, soreness of nipples and pregnancy rashes. Since baby care and mother care segments are closely knitted, it provides ample opportunity for the company to grow in these segments. They have also aired a digital campaign for the same which draws an emotion appeal and clearly delivers the need for mother care.

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