Tuesday, October 4, 2016

True South : Ready - to - Use Decoction

Coffee is something which Indians can't avoid. The affinity towards coffee is high in South India. Usually, a day starts and ends with coffee for a typical South Indian. Even though we have established players in the instant coffee space like Bru, Nescafe etc. they never give the blend of the true filter coffee a South Indian yearns for. Even if one wants to make filter coffee its not an easy task as you have wait for decoction once coffee is put in the filter and most importantly you can't keep it for more than two to three hours. This gap has been identified and served by True South with their new launch True South Ready To Use Decoction.

This gives a solution for a typical coffee lover who yearns for a good coffee. The product comes in two flavours(or blends as they usually say) Eighty 20(80% Coffee and 20% Chicory) and Malabar(75% Coffee and 25% Chicory). The multiple segments addressed to are geographic as well as psychographic segments. People who are avid coffee drinkers who are lazy to prepare decoction on their own are the major targets. An unopened pack of decoction have a shelf life of  five months and opened one have a life of around 8 - 10 days. 

True South also concentrates on B2B business as they can prove to be a profitable segment. For the hotel chains they have installed coffee machines with this true blend. Many ITC hotels, Windsor Manor, Lemon Tree, Crown Plaza, and many top hotel brands in Kochi, Delhi, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Hyderabad, and Chennai  have True South machines for coffee enthusiasts.

This ease of use also provide the company a huge scope for expansion.

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