Monday, October 24, 2016

Fogg Deo - Piercing the Fog

I know that I am excessively late to gauge a brand like Fogg. But since 'Fogg Hi Chal raha Hai' relevance is justifiable. Perfumes and deodorants were not an indispensable part of the life style of Indians earlier. But over the years, the concept of beauty has changed especially among men. Men, predominantly are now highly beauty conscious, thanks to Hollywood as well as Salman Khan. Visiting gym, work outs and men’s beauty parlour are now a regular sight.

Akin to grooming smelling good is also a necessity today. Thus perfume and deodorant market got repute among the mass in India (read it was aspirational and used only by the elite class). A lot of deodorant brands are now in the market but are they based on a consumer analysis is doubtful. The brand communications equate men as pied papers catching girls. Perfumes indeed portrayed seduction. The market is also crowded with large and small players.

Vini pharmaceuticals came with a disruptive launch, Fogg Deo Spray with a USP no gas contained in it. The success of the brand is ascribed to the broad consumer research done by the company. The consumer feel that the life of gaseous sprays are too short and so consumer is waiting for an alternative. When we consider segmentation, it is too complex to explain but well done. Firstly Fogg came as a unisex brand (targeting men especially youth as all other brands do). Later they launched deo for women. Fogg also have variants suited for different occasions such as ‘nights out’, ‘big date’ etc. and thus stood different from clutter.

Interestingly, this is the only brand which came with value – for – money proposition (more for less). This never implies that Fogg is priced less, it is priced par with competition or slightly more but the durability is more. They promise 800 sprays per canister.

So far, Fogg is the market leader with a retail value market share of 17%. But competition is not mute. Wildstone and Axe are now available in non-gas variants. A new market challenger, ITC launched ‘Engage’ with complementing fragrances for couples (a new way of segmentation). So can Fogg sustain in the market rest on the enduring value proposition and product innovation they deliver to the customers.

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