Monday, October 24, 2016

Wrigleys Doublemint Mints - #StartSomethingFresh

Chewing Gums are the less observed product by the marketing pundits in the confectionary space. But it has an inexorable presence in the sector. International player Wrigleys enjoy a formidable stake in the India’s chewing gum market. Wrigley entered the freshening space in India by the launch of Doublemint, the category which is dominated by ‘Center Fresh’. Center Fresh is indeed the most preferred gum brand in India. But it caters only to younger India. Wrigley’s have Orbit for the adults and Boomer for the kids/ teenager segment.
Since the segmentation is more or less the same for all in the freshness category (that is youth) you have to go for product differentiation. So Wrigley’s chose another category i.e. cater to the non – gum segment. This also addressed to the non – sugar segment (other being sugar segment). In the freshness category Doublemint will certainly have competition from Halls and Mentos. The pricing is also not par with the competition, I suspect. Hence, Wrigley’s concentrated more on attractive communication. Today they have launched their TVC with a hashtag #StartSomethingFresh. This as per the company will have a deeper impact in the target market.
The story line is pretty good and we can say without any hesitation this is the most romantic ad of the year. The whole ad have a doublemint connect and so product positioning is excellent. The flip side is the duration of the commercial. The full commercial is 3.30 minutes which makes to ad placing costly. Shorter versions of the commercial may fail to deliver the desired impact. Added to this I have to say that girl jumping out of the window of boy’s home, girl goes to work abroad (reverse is the usual practice) portrays the new age girl and will be well applauded. But the lip locks in the commercial would have been eluded as it is viewed by households at home (read. who becomes orthodox by seeing this).

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